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The Musical Heritage of Ireland

Traditional Irish music is also referred to as Irish folk music. It traces its origins back to the Medieval period and has long featured as a mainstay in Irish culture.

Common Instruments Used in Irish Traditional Music

The harp is firmly entwined in Irish traditions. It is the iconic symbol of Guinness, perhaps the country's most famous export. This instrument can be traced back to the 11th century, although it was featured in Scotland and France before this.

The fiddle is the most popular form of instrument played in Irish music. It can be traced back to Medieval times in Ireland.

The Uilleann pipes are considered to be a truly authentic Irish instrument. They are referred to as "The Irish Pipes" to avoid confusing Scottish bagpipes.

Bodhran drums are also used regularly when performing traditional Irish music in groups.
Other instruments used include the two-row accordion, the banjo, concertina, guitar, and the one-row melodeon.

Reels, Hornpipes, and Jigs

Irish music and songs typically cater to all events, including drinking songs, ballads, and laments. Usually, all traditional Irish music is accompanied by authentic Irish dancing such as the:

Traditional Irish music is famous around the world (look at "Riverdance"), but it is never far away from its own particular dances. It is engrained in the culture of Ireland and continues to be an essential part of their national heritage.